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We enjoyed many years of working together at one of the foremost design firms in the Vail Valley before becoming the founders of Grayson+Christie Interior Design.  Our experience and skills are a perfect balance; bringing clients the best of interior architecture, construction administration, and fine furnishing curation. We came together as our skills are yin and yang. Together we go the extra mile, feel free to be adventurous in our design and set the bar high for integrity in our work and word.

Olivia With a passion for all things design, Olivia lives to create inviting spaces that fit the end user’s everyday life. She loves incorporating puzzle pieces to shape thoughtful and unique spaces. From a young age, interior design was her calling – from the early stages of space planning to the final steps of accessorizing, all of it excites her. When not working on her projects, Olivia is a busy wife and mother of two active boys. With days full of sports and wilderness activities, when she gets the chance, she loves to see live music and dance the night away.
Siân  Always craving fresh and exciting design solutions, Sian is an intuitive designer who works to create a genuine connection with her clients.  She loves to reflect and evolve with each experience, bringing levity and transparency to every project. Away from the office, her international travels inspire and inform her desire for distinctive, beautiful and functional spaces. Finding serenity and connection with wild creatures, scuba diving also feeds her soul.
Together, Sian and Olivia work closely to maintain the integrity of the project vision while adjusting to changes on the construction site. We laugh. We keep it lighthearted.  And we continually challenge each other to create the ideal home while inspiring a sense of ease in our clients.


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